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(Hartke Designs)

Hartke Designs was in need of a brand update to better reflect the current state of the company’s evolution. The new brand needed to better represent the growth and expanded services the company offers with an emphasis on being a trusted partner that gets the job done. A new logo, website and collateral were designed to reflect the bold, sophisticated and collaborative nature of the company. These concepts were pulled into the overall look and feel and implemented throughout a unified collateral system designed to increase brand recognition.

John Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions Branding

Logo Design

While designing the logo I came up with a concept that focused on stylized letter forms that were designed to communicate that talented people are at the core of the company and what makes the business successful. The stick figures that form the letter H represents bringing project teams together and the D letterform is a top-down view of a stick figure facilitating these teams.

John Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions Branding

Presentation Design

PowerPoint presentations are a key visual entry point to a company’s brand experience. That’s why it was important push the branding concepts to the powerpoint templates used by the company. The templates were tailored to accommodate an extended series of layout options designed to make it easier for consultants to create visually dynamic and professional looking presentations without having to rely on a full-time designer.

John Galt Solutions Branding

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