Knight Foundation

Poster & Micro Site Design

(Knight Foundation)

Below are a couple of projects I did for the Knight Foundation, an American non-profit foundation dedicated to fostering “informed and engaged communities” which the foundation believes are “essential for a healthy democracy.” One project was a series of posters and the second was a file sharing microsite. Both projects required a design approach that needed to adhere to and maintain brand integrity.

Poster Design

Knight Foundation was looking for a series of posters to be displayed over a series of 4 weeks designed to notify employees of and email system change over. These posters were designed to tie neatly into there branding system using bright colors from their branding palette to help draw attention to the impending change-over. A system of colors were used to show the increased urgency – starting with green as the initial notification and finally progressing to red once they were within 4 days of the change-over.

John Galt Solutions Branding
John Galt Solutions Branding

Micro Site

Knight Foundation needed a micro site built to work in the Igloo Software intranet environment. The file sharing micro site was structured to organize training materials in an easy to follow process and designed to match the appearance of their global website. The accordion menu system was developed using CSS only since javascript was not supported in the Igloo page creation system.

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