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Website Design

(I Am Who I Meet™)

The I Am Who I Meet™ website is a forum for people to engage and acknowledge friends, family, teachers, peers, influencers and even strangers from chance encounters about their influence and impact on the person they are today. The design approach was to keep the look and feel as simple, clean, inviting and engaging as possible. Targeting an audience that is cross-cultural and cross-generational requires an easy-to-use uncluttered interface. The site was built in WordPress using a custom designed theme built by me and employes responsive design to accommodate viewing on mobile devices

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John Galt Solutions Branding

Image Randomizer

Functionality was added to cycle the images used on the site with each visit in order to better reflect the diversity of the users and help keep the site fresh upon frequent visits. The image randomizer was set up to be easily updated within the Theme Customizer.

John Galt Solutions Branding
John Galt Solutions Branding

Hero Banner & Image Randomizer

The Hero Banner functionality was built into the Theme Customizer to make it easier for the people maintaining and updating the site to edit and change the messaging and add new images to the banner.

Story Editor

The Story creation and editing form was built using a plug-in that met most of the requirements. To meet the remaining requirements I edited the plug-in adding and revising features to get it to spec. The form allows users to format their stories, adding images, videos and links to aid the storytelling as needed. A tutorial was added at the top of the form to aid those who aren’t experienced with working with forms on the web.

John Galt Solutions Branding
John Galt Solutions Branding

Search Filter

A search filter was added to make accessing stories of a particular interest much easier. Users can look for story inspiration based on category, recipient, or author and narrow it down even further using specific search terms.

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