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John Galt Solutions offers two distinct software solutions targeting two different types of customer bases and needed a new site that would be able to clearly convey those distinctions. The goal of the new site was two-fold; first the brand needed to be updated to a more contemporary look and feel, and secondly to make it clear and understandable to any prospective client visiting the site where they needed to go. The highly targeted information helps guide the new visitor to the proper solution.

During the first phase of this project I was involved as the Art Director. Once the design concept and user experience had been established, the project moved into the development phase and I became involved as a designer, as well.

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John Galt Solutions Branding


With a broad range of materials utilized by multiple customer facing departments, a unified collateral system was developed to increase brand recognition by using specified type systems, logo usage and color rules, which were implemented cross all branded material.

John Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions Branding

Product Fact Sheets

Two sets of collateral were developed and designed to target the specific audiences that the products are geared to. Fact sheets were needed for the Forecast X Wizard, an off the shelf solution, and The Atlas Planning Suite, an enterprise solution.

ForecastX Wizard

The fact sheets for Forecast X Wizard are targeted at first time Forecasters, as well as experienced Forecasters. The approach was to keep the look and feel clean and friendly, structuring the layout so that the product information was easily digestible and highlighting the main points of interest. The documents needed to emphasize ease of use to appeal to first-time forecasters, as well as promote a feature set that would attract experienced users, too.

John Galt Solutions Branding

Atlas Planning Suite

The Atlas Planning fact sheets are geared towards experienced demand planning and supply chain experts. The look and feel required a more serious tone and a layout that could handle a lot of detailed information since these materials would be passed on to executives during the product review and decision making process.

John Galt Solutions Branding

Product Case Studies

Case studies are a great method for communicating how current customers are using the products and measuring success. These are incredibly helpful to prospective customers so they can see how the products might work for them. The case study layouts were designed to be clean, organized and easy to follow. A branding system was employed to make sure the case studies were easily identifiable by product – blue signifying a Forecast X Wizard case study and green to identify the Atlas Planning case studies.

John Galt Solutions Branding

Trade Show Materials

Trade show materials, including booths, banner stands, tabletop displays and trade show specific collateral were designed to standout and capture conference goers attention.

John Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions BrandingJohn Galt Solutions Branding

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